Cheech Bundy was born and raised in Rochester, NY, the product of an Afrocentric Puerto Rican hippy dad and a flower child free spirited hippy mom. Cheech is a rapper, producer, and an engineer. In 2012, Cheech relocated to New York City, and within a year he released his self-produced concept album “Chronic L’s of Cheech Bundy.” The project put Cheech’s unique, gritty, and technically sound rhyme style front and center.

Cheech then caught the attention of Grammy nominated producer !llmind. !llmind described Cheech Bundy’s style as weird, entertaining, and cool, and said that he loved the way he flowed so effortlessly in the pocket. !llmind and Cheech went on to create the EP titled “CH!LL.” To compliment the music, Cheech released a video for every song on the project with the help of Dirk Hasslehoff.

Cheech Bundy has already gained the support of almost every popular hip hop site. To date, he has over 1M plays on Soundcloud and over 230k views on Youtube. Cheech is planning to release an album and EP in 2017.